Construction Water

Permitting & Ordinance

Construction water permitting is coordinated through the Public Works Department. The city offers two options for obtaining water for construction purposes. Permittees have the option to withdraw recycled water from the city's fill station located at 334 Esser Road or withdraw potable water from fire hydrants. Permits for withdrawal of water from fire hydrants are valid for 30 days, whereas recycled water permits are ongoing.

All construction water shall be used for non-potable uses or where it is deemed impractical to make a permanent installation. Water from fire hydrants shall be used within the corporate city limits of the City of Boerne. Recycled water usage is not limited to the corporate limits of the City of Boerne.

Acquiring Construction Water

A deposit is required for either option in an amount determined by the City of Boerne Fee Ordinance. Water usage is billed to the permittee in an amount specified in the City of Boerne Construction Water Ordinance (PDF).

For permitting, please complete the Construction Water Permit Application (PDF). For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 830-248-1538.